As a photographer, some of my favourite and most rewarding moments are
when pet parents join their companions.


I feel a real affinity with most of the pet parents I meet – pet people are
definitely cool people in my book! My aim as a photographer is to not only make my clients (both 2 legged and 4 legged!) look good – but to make the viewer really feel something. My favourite portraits are those that really capture the emotional connection we feel for our pets. That’s what brings a photo to life.

black and white photo of girl riding horse

These moments are often the most difficult to capture yourself. Believe me I know!! Trying to get their attention, hold the camera, stay calm and natural and…. then…. finally…. at the absolute right moment… press the button.
Let’s face it – it’s pretty damn hard!
But those are the ones that are worth it. Those are the photos that you will keep and look back on in the future, reliving those moments with your special friend. They are the keepers!
You might not think of yourself as photogenic or might hate putting yourself in front of a camera (you are not alone!!) However, please allow me to take just one or two – no-one ever need see those photos except you. Does Buddy really mind that your hair is a mess or if you would rather be a stone lighter?

Of course not.

When your furry friend looks into your eyes he looks at you like you are just perfect. And you are just perfect for him.

And, if you really aren’t for turning and feel that your hair roots really are that bad…. A hand lovingly placed on your beautiful boy’s head or an arm round your special girl can also help capture that bond you have.


Don’t you love those photos where you and your pet
are ‘having a bit of a chat’ or ‘sharing a joke’. Just look at the photos of Heather and Max or of Sara and Gregg (below). That dog
is most definitely whispering sweet nothings into her ear!



That look says everything! Who cares that they really had their eye on the tasty treat 🙂 I can guarantee that it will be the look in their eyes (and not the liver cake!) that will be captured forever.

 Are you happy being in photos with your pets? What do you think?