Couple in Woodland Welshpool, Powys with their Welsh Collie dog

Dog Photography in Powys, Mid Wales and Shropshire

Is this you and your furry best friend ….?

  • You are often found walking around your house with one slipper on as your daft dog has run off with the other.
  • You swore that your furry friend wasn’t going to be allowed upstairs and who you now make sure has enough room when he sleeps on your bed
  • You wish your dog could answer the phone so you could ring him when you are out, just to make sure she’s ok.
  • You just don’t get people who say ‘he’s just a dog’. To you he is family.

Then celebrate that special family member and your wonderful relationship with them.

What type of session can we have?

Dalmatian in woodland


Dogs love to get out and explore, let’s turn it into a Photographic Adventure and capture all that you love about them. There will be mountains of opportunities for both action shots and dramatic portraits.

Its no wonder this is my most popular type of session!

Think you have no good photos of you together? I’ll capture that bond between you as you both connect with nature and show your love for them.

Mid Wales is a rucksack full of fabulous locations – woodland, mountains, waterfalls, dams and beaches – we have it all – lets get out there and explore!

Shrewsbury dog photography


Maybe you are more of a City-lover? Let’s use the streets and buildings as our backdrop with your dog-about-town furry companion.

Worried about them being off-lead? They won’t be. I’ll edit out any leads so they’ll always be safe.

Ideal for capturing that connection with your dog – perfect Instagrammable- content!  

Dachshund in studio with bubbles


Studio sessions with your dog take place in my relaxed little woodland studio near Welshpool on the Wales / Shropshire border.

There will be big smiles, dog treats and a friendly ‘woof’ from my own dog on your arrival.

We’ll have plenty of time to allow your dog to get used to the studio, most relax pretty quickly when they know there are tasty treats and bags full of attention to be had!

Studio sessions suit any type of dog (max 2 dogs in any session) and the clean images that are produced make the resulting artwork perfect for most homes. These sessions are also ideal for dog birthdays and I can even provide a scrummy dog-friendly cake from our friends at Life of Riley Bakery!

lifestyle dog photography


Taking place at home or in your own garden, lifestyle sessions are super-relaxed. Just you and your pooch chilling on the sofa, playing with their favourite dinosaur or begging for treats in the kitchen.

Ideal for puppies and older dogs that prefer being at home.

The resulting images tell the story of your dog, doing what you see in your dog every day and are very documentary in nature.

pug in the city
labrador puppy in agility tunnel
puppy photography Wales
Dobermann in autumn
Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla in studio
Dog photography Powys
3 weimaraners

How much does professional dog photography cost?

Your session fee of £80 covers our consultation, photo shoot and editing and my personalised in -person reveal session and includes a £30 print credit. Products and digitals are offered separately.

You will love seeing your photos displayed for you to enjoy everyday and therefore I offer a range of fabulous wall art products and folio print boxes.

Print packages start from £125, folio boxes start at £295. Most clients invest between £240 – £700 in beautiful products, but what you spend is entirely up to you. There will be absolutely no hard sell, if you don’t love them, we can either reshoot or you can have a full refund… I have to say that’s never happened though as I am pretty sure you’ll love them!

The final images are your choice and you only purchase what you love. It’s my job to take the best portraits of your dog so you’ll LOVE & cherish them and want them all!

Ready to jump in and create some beautiful memories? Get in touch below.

How about a ‘watch me grow’ plan – 3 sessions during your pups first year at a special price. Ask for details.

Payment plans are also available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? Here’s a cute pup and then some answers (but just whistle if I’ve not covered)

dog with very long tongue in flowers
My dog can't be let off the lead, can I still have a photo adventure?

Absolutely! I cater for every dogs needs and I am bit of a Photoshop whizz so I’ll just edit the leads (and if required those holding them) out afterwards. Have a look at my blog to see examples.

My dog is quite shy, and I don't think he will look at the camera.

We will have a chat by phone first or if you are local we can meet in person so I can completely understand your dogs requirements. I understand nervous dogs so won’t immediately rush in for a doggy cuddle, I know that some dogs need time to get used to new people. So I may initially ignore your dog until he feels happy around me. I take on a limited number of sessions each month so you’ll get plenty of time and my total personal attention. I won’t be rushing you because I have another client waiting. In terms of looking at the camera, I only need a split second to capture the perfect shot and I have lots of tricks up my sleeve to get him casting a quick eye in my direction! 

Isn't professional photography expensive?

There are few things in life that you will want to cherish for many years; creating memories that will last a lifetime is priceless. There is considerable more work that goes into professional photography than just clicking the shutter and the photo session itself is only part of the process. After our session I’ll review every photo and sprinkle a dash of my editing magic and then provide you with the choice cut of photos, not 100’s of images that will leave you with confused and with analysis -paralysis!

The artwork I provide is guaranteed to last for many years and provide you with decades of pleasure.

Can I be in the photos with my dog?

I positively encourage it! There is nothing like capturing that bond between the two of you. These will probably be the photos your cherish most (and the hardest to capture yourself) so I’d love you to be in the photos too. And I know quite a few posing tricks to make you look fabulous too!

The vet tells me my poor dog is nearing the end of its life and I'm worried I won't get chance to get any photos?

First off, I’m so sorry to hear that. Losing your ‘best friend’ is absolutely heart wrenching.

I  am part of the Joy Session Network  and will always try to rearrange things in my schedule so we can fit your dog in at short notice. Rather than being something sad we use the session to capture the relationship you have with your pet before they pass.
If they aren’t well enough to travel we can arrange a session closer to home. As always, I will be completely respectful of your dog’s needs.

My dog is pretty naughty (ok, absolutely bonkers!) but I'd love some proper photos of her.

Yahhh, I love dogs being themselves and I will have seen it all before! Don’t worry, I know that we can get get some fantastic photos no matter what.

“Ally is one of the most genuine people you could meet and I couldn’t be happier that I found her to capture my beautiful boy in a stunning location. Ally perfectly caught the relationship between me and my boy – photos that I will cherish forever. Despite him moving around a lot she captured his personality incredibly well and the quality of the photos is out of this world! I am so impressed and over the moon with the service I received that I will be using Ginger Hounds Photos to capture special moments with all of my future dogs”

Laura and Rosco

small dog outside
Black spaniel

Coming to beautiful Mid Wales on holiday?

We also now offer Special Adventure Photo Sessions for visitors to the area.

If you are here on holiday we can tailor an adventure especially for you.

Why not grab your hiking boots and meander through all that Mid-Wales and Shropshire has to offer with your pooch whilst we capture stunning photographic memories of you as a dog-loving family.


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